Accessing attractiveness in online dating profiles

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Social psychologists Stephanie Spielmann and Geoff Mac Donald suggest singletons could use online dating websites and apps to their advantage, by comparing their physical characteristics and emotional approaches to relationships with the information other users provide.The researchers conducted two experiments in which men and women viewed a series of online dating profiles for members of the opposite sex.Enhanced photos, those in which a person has used makeup, hair styling, filters, or post-editing, were rated by both men and women as more being attractive.

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Online daters can also be gender stereotypical, as men like fit women who do yoga but not bodybuilding, and women like bravery, courage, and risk-taking men more than kindness and altruism.

One theory posits that "what is beautiful is good", which means people tend to attribute other positive traits to attractive people.

For example, we tend to think that attractive people are also happier and more successful in their careers.

Men preferred women with the most obvious screennames like “Blondie” or “Cutie” while women had a preference for screennames that indicated intelligence, like “Cultured.” When it came to the main photo, women liked a “genuine smile,” while men were intrigued by women who wear red and slightly tilted their head. Photos where women are in the center of the group are preferable because it shows power, while men shown surrounded by a few women smiling at him shows desire.

Photos that depict you touching another person, but not being touched, makes you look to be of a higher status.

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