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Company or other organisation purchasing commercial airtime on television for promotional purposes.

An organisation acting as an agent for a producer of goods or services (an advertiser) devoted to developing and placing advertising in order to further the acceptance of a brand product, service or idea.

ABack to top First generation mobile telephony systems using analogue signals, but with the digitisation of the control link between the mobile phone and the cell (transmission) sites.

Extension of 2G systems through use of 2.5G protocols providing additional features such as GPRS packet-switched connections and enhanced data rates.

on the roof), (b) internally and attached to the TV set or (c) internally and built in to the TV set.

In some countries with large commercial MATV networks, MATV may be included under cable reception.

10-second, 15-second, 20-second, 30-second, etc.) containing a commercial message supplied by an advertiser for insertion in the transmissions of a TV channel.

The Active/Passive Metering system actively reads video and audio codes embedded in the programme and is capable of producing audio signatures as a secondary identification method or as a back up.Precise operational definitions of the acceptance/installation rate can vary appreciably across different peoplemeter panels.US term for dedicated 'public service' channels set aside by cable companies for non-discriminatory access to the network by the public, government agencies or educational institutions.The main differentiating feature of 3G from earlier mobile technologies is its ability to support video services.4G (Fourth-Generation Communications System) is the next, as yet not formally defined, stage in mobile communications after 3G, with LTE (Long Term Evolution) as the favourite candidate standard. The very high popularity of MP3 and its incorporation into a large number of players, including CD and DVD players should, however, ensure MP3 longevity for years to come. Australian governments official statistical organisation responsible for conducting the census.

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