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It makes us fall in love not only with the main characters, but also the supporting characters such as the ahjummas and the fathers.

This drama will leave you a really deep footprint in your heart. I can't imagine if Jung Hwan's character is portrayed by other actor instead of Ryu Jun Yeol. I'm glad that Ryu Jun Yeol's career skyrocketed after reply 1988 has ended. (SPOILER ALERT) My heart breaks for Jung Hwan, but can u imagine if she ended up with him instead of Taek?

This drama is truly amazing i just wish i didn't spoil it for myself :( DON'T SCROLL DOWN FURTHER JUST WATCH THE DRAMA I'm quite disappointed in the ending. I just hoped they made the love triangle between Jung Hwan, Duk Seon and Taek more intense.

And I also hoped they made a scene for Duk Seon and Taek. after reading the rave reviews about this drama, i just want to watch it all over again, and again and again. I'm always taek's team and really happy with the ending.

But I thought the other reply's were too good, so I gave a chance! He will remember his youth and smile knowing that he loved. Tbh the only thing I disliked was the ending, but you will either love it or hate it depending on who you want duk sun to be with.

I understand why taek ended up being the one for her because he had the courage that Jung Hwan didn't have in telling duk sun how he felt but I still think that Jung hwan should have been the one!

They show real life problems and not just bout love just like other kdramas. I'm seriously Team Junghwan from the very beginning but i get frustrated everytime he hesitate to approach Duk Seon! I really learned alot in this drama, like that i should value my family and friends more. I should respect and love my parents and spend time with them. This drama was the best Korean drama I have seen so far. From family issues, how they handle and respond to every problems, personal issues ,insecurities, first love, dreams and goals in life and so on and so forth.

i agree with army reply 1988 is my best family drama of all second is my father is strange. they didn't even show their wedding, instead they focused with bora and sun woo's wedding...ugh! and you should never blame anyone if you yourself didnt do anything or been always on hesitations... I have watched Reply 1997 earlier because of Jung Eun Ji and Seo In Guk and I liked it.

i have watched reply 1988 for five times already but still....i cry ....i laugh and and was always entertainwd everytime i watch it... hoping for another reply kdrama This is the best drama..brilliant..! Story, cast, directing, and everything is just perfect. more than the love story it's a story of friendship amongst the parents and eventually their children... Reply 1988 is the better drama despite the low ratings of some viewers. Because of the casting and their very good acting; beautiful story in general and individual family stories; the funny scenes and dialogues,the sad moments and the romantic scenes, especially the rivalry of Jung Hwan and Taek for the same woman, Duk Sun.

Why sung woo and bo ra love story got more attention than taek and duk seon? I love this because since it's based on year 1988, they don't act as modern like now. Unlike other dramas, they are considered comedy but the "comedy" scenes are not funny enough to be even considered comedy due to the corniness (i dont know if thats even a word).

I always waited taek and duk seon having time together during this drama. So it's a bit different and they way they talk is different but really funny. Although the ending might not be what you exoect it to be. After watching this I highly recommend watching Reply 1994. At first, I hate the setting bcz the 80's fashion are the worst :)) But the more I watched it the more I fell in love with this drama.

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