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Louis gripped my hips and thrust into me, and I clenched my vaginal muscles around his dick. "Fuck me harder," I hissed, and Louis happily obliged me, gripping my hips tightly while slamming his dick into me.I squealed in delight, grinding my ass against Louis, and I was tickled pink when he gripped my hair."Come here, handsome," I said to Louis, and my hubby came to me, and we shared a passionate kiss.I sat on the living room couch, clad in a red bra and matching panties.And I am a gal with a very kinky story to share with you...

After about an hour of this, Louis and I lay side by side on the living room carpet.

Louis pushed his dick into me, and I licked my lips, welcoming his dick in my pussy.

We'd been making love for ages, and I never get tired of making love to this man.

As Louis ate my pussy, I closed my eyes, relaxed and enjoyed.

"Come here, Marge, give me some of that sweet Nova Scotian ass," Louis said later, after I climaxed twice thanks to his expert oral action.

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