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Keep in mind that d BASE is an IDE (integrated development environment), a database system, a compiler, and a database application builder.

However, underneath all that is the file, which is the actual data storage mechanism.

If your tables have to be used by other software, you might have to sacrifice these advantages for the sake of compatibility, as few applications can use a level 7 table.

There are many file types or files that have extensions that can be used by d BASE.

My problem is I have to filter the records from the Date field (type:date).

I have tried following ways, above does not throw any exception, but does not return any records though there are matching records.

When data is changed in a memo field, the block numbers may also change, and the number in the . Unlike d BASE III PLUS, if you delete text in a memo field, d BASE for DOS may reuse the space from the deleted text when you input new text.The file structure has evolved over the years to include many more features and capabilities and has introduced various other files to help support data storage and manipulation. The format is supported by a number of database products.The original d BASE database was started by Wayne Ratliff in 1978 and was known as Project Vulcan.The d BASE III was introduced in December 1985 when the product was released.While d BASE has been around for many years, the files themselves seem to be shrouded in mystery.

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