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This Fall, Spaces New York, the biggest co-working space to hit queens yet, is set to open in the Falchi building in Long Island City and comes in at 17,500 square feet.

Originating in Amsterdam in 2008, Spaces New York is their first co-working space in the United States, but it’s not their first international move. I had the opportunity to sit down with two key Spaces New York team members.

This all comes with a premium price (this will not be the cheapest coworking space around), but for that, it sounds like you get premium services.

They clearly pride themselves on design and ambiance, as you can see from photos of other Spaces.

Their space will be enormous, and large enough to accommodate teams as they grow.

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Anything their tenants need — from coffee and dry cleaning to an in-house bar and massage service, they provide.

If they don’t have something you need, it sounds like well, they will get it for you.

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