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Compare the Genre Throwback, which usually involves Reconstruction, and Troperiffic works.See also Decon-Recon Switch, which is a single work which sets up a deconstruction only to reconstruct the same tropes later on. Reconstruction is when a genre is rebuilt after being hit with a criticism; Adaptation Distillation is when a specific work is revitalized, without any new objections needing to be answered in the process.Daleks and Cybermen engaging in Snark to Snark Combat in . Stories on indefinite hiatus: April 1811, The Watch XI...Because if we can't save the Earth, then you can be damn sure we'll avenge it." - Tony Stark, being his usual badass self."Great men are forged in fire. let's face it, anything that isn't in my top five most recent stories. This is a guy who has issues to spare, whose snark was largely conceived and operates as a defence mechanism, who really cares for people, just happens to be very bad at showing it.The trope no longer works the same, so it doesn't look the same. A Reconstruction it into something that would resemble the original trope, but still work in reality.

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There's also some more conventional fanart, including a spoileriffic piece about Harry (don't look if you haven't read up to chapter 72 of ), in Kefalion's gallery, also on Deviantart. I only review to support people or to tell them how to improve and to occasionally go squee over how good they are (we all do it.Overall, it could be thought of as a dialectical synthesis of an original and its deconstruction.The philosophical theory which accompanies reconstruction is called .Though, to be frank, this site is only marginally to the right of Tumblr and I haven't really encountered any problems thus far.4.As for me, my good friend militaryhistory said: This layering of things does, occasionally, get to the point where I get obsessed with my own cleverness, but I try to avoid that.

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