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The Emancipation Square is generally acclaimed to be the most impressive of its kind in the West Indies.

Old King's House In 1762, a new official residence for the Governor, King's House, was erected on the site of the Old Spanish Hall of Audience.

Red bricks and stone were used to construct the two main wings and central portico.

A wide flight of steps lead to the upper level and the lower level has arched arcades.

When the capital of the island was transferred to Kingston in 1872, the Assembly met at Headquarters House in Kingston.

The Cathedral is shaped like a cross and includes a number of monuments by John Bacon.

In its heyday, the Barracks was the place where volunteers to the two World Wars, scouts and guides were drilled.

It was also the site for festivals, fairs, games and races.

The Hall was demolished in 1761 to make room for the new mansion.

This building formed the first unit of the civic square designed in the then popular Georgian style.

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