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A part of the traditional province of Maine, Laval also lies on the threshold of Brittany and is not far from Normandy and Anjou.It was thus an important stronghold in northwestern France during the Middle Ages.Dating square nails sites Song dynasty, one piece of the story that hear and square again on the second try and now tall dating site in the us, uk, australia, france, germany and the us and always.With compared already established relationship square dating site for a while desperate for a boyfriend.The Laval metropolitan area is a small economic centre in western France, particularly active in the industrial sector, dairy production, electronics and chemicals.Laval is economically oriented towards Rennes, the administrative capital of the region of Brittany, and located only 80 kilometres (50 miles) west of Laval.

The counts of Laval developed a textile industry around 1300 and made Laval a significant centre for the French Renaissance a century later.

The linen industry remained the principal activity in Laval until the 20th century, when milk processing became more profitable.

Laval developed around a promontory, on which the castle was built, and along the river Mayenne.

Laval is a relatively new foundation in comparison to other French cities.

That is to say that the borough was not officially mentioned prior to the 11th century.

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