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What tools do you use to determine the weekly player adjustment changes? Are you open for suggestions from the community on equipment edits? Consistency is key, not just a one week on, one week off type of thing. I place a week length, but CFM throws a variable on top of it, based on toughness and injury rating.

We have one spot open per team to fill up the teams as much as we can.

Will there be a mass ratings adjustment made at the mid-season or end of season mark that reflects what has happened in the league up to that point versus the weekly updates? Will the skin color for Rex Burkhead and Will Compton get updated?

Starting with gameplay, the patch changes some run-after-catch animations that incorrectly triggered drops in some situations.

If you have a question that isn’t on the list, please DM me and I’ll try to get the answer and update the post.

He will not answer any roster questions that deal specifically with CFM, so please keep that in mind. Players must be approved by the NFLPA before they can be added to a roster update.

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