Who is bitty schram dating

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As the series progresses on, and he grows to respect Monk's abilities, Randy continues to spar verbally with Sharona, while often finding it hard to conceal that he is attracted to her. Monk and the Paperboy," he is embarrassed when Sharona finds out that he had taken out a personal ad in the newspaper, with a description of his ideal woman that matched her.

During her brief return to San Francisco, Disher is taken aback at how good she still looks, and consoled her while she is fuming at Monk and Natalie.

When she was nineteen, and Benjy was only one year old, she was so desperate for money that she posed nude for a men's magazine while living in Atlantic City (she also may have taught ballroom dancing).

Dale "The Whale" Biederbeck, after investigating Sharona's past, also implied that she traded sexual favors to pay her rent while living in Miami, Florida.

During this conversation, she whimsically compared herself to Lois Lane, Superman's plucky female cohort.

In 2004, Sharona reconciled with Trevor and remarried him, moving back to New Jersey with Benjy and quitting as Monk's assistant.

Monk and Sharona" when her Uncle Howard was killed after apparently falling down some stairs at a country club.

She reunites with Monk, and informs him that she and Trevor had separated again, this time permanently, and Benjy is looking at colleges.

Monk and the Red-Headed Stranger"), a mob enforcer ("Mr.(Actually, Dale said that he knew how Sharona paid her rent.That doesn't necessarily mean "sexual favors") Sharona was working as a registered nurse in San Francisco when Adrian Monk's beloved wife, Trudy was murdered, causing Monk to lapse into a catatonic state for nearly three years.Monk Meets the Godfather"), several married men, and sometimes (on more than one occasion) the very murderer that she and Monk are pursuing.The seeming common denominator between these and many other men was a compulsive inability to be honest with her.

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