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But I'll probably just bite the bullet and throw it out there in the next couple weeks. The code is downloadable from this directory if you are dying to get it.My time to work on it has gone from minimal to non-existant. New Moderation Stuff A lot of people had great ideas about how to improve Slashdot moderation.

Even cooler is a coming-rsn feature- ya know the big grey boxes on the right hand side of the homepage? If anyone has good suggestions for sites to import, let us know. Apparently, Simon Suh understands that ./ refers to the same location where the referring file is.The main part of the question then is: "Why to use it and is it necessary at all? The only reason to prefer the syntax of "./file" instead of "file" I was able to find is that ./ means current folder and ONLY the current folder.Once I have to start messing with load balancing and massive scalability, I'll have even less time to add actual usability enhancements to the site. I get email at 1 of my accounts, but not 2 of the others. So much of the code is stuff specifically designed for things we need here, but nobody else would need.The stuff that would be applicable to another site is in the v0.3 tarball (many of you have prereleases already).

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